The Goathouse Refuge, Cage-Free Cat Sanctuary

cute rescued cats at goathouse refuge

Bed full of cats

Siglinda Scarpa, founder and primary benefactor of The Goathouse Refuge

Siglinda Scarpa, founder of The Goathouse Refuge

Many wonderful animal rescue groups have gone unnoticed. Today we have chosen the Goathouse Refuge to accept the fund we raised through the Save Meow Project (we donate 5 cents for every comment you make on and we would like to share their stories with all of you. Thanks Licia Grainger for referring this lovely organization to us. The Goathouse Refuge (located in Pittsboro, North Carolina) is a no-kill animal sanctuary dedicated to providing cage-free care for cats regardless of age, medical issues or disposition until a permanant loving adoptive home can be found.

All the rescues can roam freely all day except for the sick cats who are taking medication and the new arrivals who are temporally caged until they are vetted and ready to transition into the population as a whole.

Who is the hero behind the organization? Let’s hear the story from her, Siglinda Scarpa, founder and primary benefactor of The Goathouse Refuge.

When I was a little girl my father, who sometimes worked late at night, came home with a little gray tabby cat wet and cold and put him under the blankets in my bed. I warmed him up and kept him on my heart until he started purring and for the rest of the night. There was where he slept for the rest of his life. I called him Muci.

cute rescued cats at goathouse refuge

He’d become sick when he was just about one year old and all my bicycle trips to the veterinarian didn’t save his life. The pain of his death was so devastating that I started to bring home and care for as many cats as my mother would allow me to bring into the apartment. I loved animals, especially cats, and many shared my life. Many are not here anymore, but I remember them all.

So I formulated a dream … a dream of a sanctuary for cats. This would be another chance; a safe haven for cats that were dispossessed or scheduled for euthanasia by public shelters. In my dream, no cat would be euthanized unless it was suffering with no hope of recovery. The Refuge would be a place where even cats that were unadoptable could live in comfort, with the care, attention and love they deserve. No cat would be refused due to age, illness or disposition.

cute rescued cats sleeping

cute rescued cats at goathouse refuge

Goathouse Cats -All at attention

The ultimate goal for each cat would be adoption into a loving home. But the Refuge would be designed so that they could spend ample periods of time living comfortably, awaiting adoption. In fact, it would be designed so that a cat could spend years, or its entire lifetime, at the Refuge. This meant that the cats would be cage-free. Groups of cats would live in large rooms, where they could roam and play without restraint. And, of course, all of the cats would be given human attention and interaction, along with high-quality food and on-site medical care.

Day by day my dream is unfolding. Though still in its infancy, The Goathouse Refuge has placed many cats and kittens in forever homes and more then forty are permanent residents here. One building has been dedicated for their home and more construction and improvements are planned. The Refuge was founded with my personal resources and with income from my pottery, I find a way to feed and care for all the creatures in transit and in residence. Along the way some immensely valuable friends and volunteers have joined the Refuge.

In order to carry on fulfilling her dream, Siglinda has dedicated her life to the animals. You can check out this beautiful cat sanctuary at their facebook page or their website.

cute cat at goathouse refuge cage-free cat sanctuary

cute rescues at coathouse refuge cage free cat sanctuary

cute rescued cat napping goathouse refuge

Geo is a striking cat with a huge heart.

cute rescued cat in hammock goathouse refuge

Leona hanging out in the hammock :)

cute rescued cat goathouse refuge cage free cat sanctuary

Victoria likes to be petted on her back and would love to come curl up happily in your home.

cute rescued cats cage free cat sanctuary

cute rescued cats resting on chairs goathouse refuge cage free

cute rescued cats at goathouse refuge cage free cat sanctuary

cute rescued ginger cat resting on log cage free cat sanctuary


cute rescued ginger cat

Abel is an orange tabby with an adorable round head. He loves to be held and to follow you around. Abel will be a perfect lapcat for some lucky person!

cute rescued white cats

Meet "The White Brothers": Orville and Wilbur! These friendly fellows are a lively pair of beautiful all-white brothers.

cute rescued cats

Cat nap, Bluestar woke up

cute rescued cats

Regan and Tom

cute rescued grey cat yawning

Katy loves people and being petted and held, and would love nothing more than to go to a peaceful home where she can be a lap cat.

cute rescued cat

Trevor may be the most laid-back cat at the refuge. He enjoys walking along the fence catching the rays of the sun, or lounging around the studio on his back, legs akimbo. He enjoys being held like a child, on his back, you name it. Belly rubs? He loves 'em.

cute rescued cat

Tuesday, after too much catnip :)

cute rescued cats snuggling

cute rescued cats

cute rescued cat sleeping

Cookie (also known as "Crookie" because of her bent tail) is an extremely sweet and gorgeous cat. She came to the Refuge in the summer of 2009 with a litter of kittens and was a very loving mother to her babies.

The Goathouse Refuge completed a 3-acre enclosure for the cats to roam outside earlier this year. “This was captured just moments after we opened the gate for the first time so that our cats could enjoy their new, 3-acre enclosure!”

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  1. clara says:

    what a wonderful place!

  2. eunice figueiredo says:

    oh my god! so many cats… and so beautiful! keep going the nice job! ;) i´ve 7 cats too in a appartment i hope one day i can buy a home with a garden or a open space to have much more =) lovelly! wish me luck meooooow to everybody here

  3. Anna says:

    overcated :D

  4. Mel says:

    Fantastic! Good for you. Thank you for helping the kitties :) I know how much dedication it takes. Best of Luck.

  5. Kay says:

    I would love to do be able to do soething like that… cats are just the best :)

  6. joanne says:

    The cats look so content all sleeping together!!!

  7. gingernell says:

    Love seeing the happy Cats! Free to roam as cats should!

  8. Annie says:

    Fills my heart with joy

  9. Beverly says:

    What an awesome place! I would be in absolute heaven there! God Bless You for being such a wonderful, loving person for these precious babies!!!!!

  10. Zam says:

    A heaven on earth for our lil furry friends. GBU guys :)

  11. Leslie says:

    How wonderful, they are so beautiful, healthy and clean looking. I wish there were more places like this and more people like you. I wish you the best and the cats too. I wish I could help every single cat in this world.

  12. M.R. Winters says:

    What a amazing natural place for cats to await their forever homes. Every rescuer wishes they could have such a sanctuary where unwanted, in danger, abandoned and homeless cats and kittens would be safe.

  13. kacee says:

    Aw..thanks for sharing info about this wonderful haven for the helpless cats. I will check out the web site and plan to donate a small contribution to help.

  14. Andrea says:

    this is great! I'm so glad there are compassionate people out there who love and want to care for cats!

  15. Brian says:

    That is so wonderful! Every town should have a couple of those!

  16. Regina says:

    I love this cat sanctuary!! I have placed and rescued many unwanted kittens and found homes for them! This place looks amazing. They ALL look so healthy and happy. Thanks to all of you for what you do! XOXOX

  17. Holly says:

    I used to have something very similar in Canton, CT., a few years ago. I cared for over 50 cats, plus whatever else came in as a rescue (rooster, dog, bunnies, etc.). Constant incoming and outgoing. Brings back many fond memories…

    Good luck and I feel the love!!!

  18. LiLi says:

    What an awesome place! If I could I would love to do something like this.

  19. Christy says:

    Loved seeing this wonderful place and all your cats. They look so healthy and happy. Bless you for taking care of them. I have three cats and would have three more if I only had the room for them to be happy. Good luck and thank you for all you do for the cats!

  20. siew eng says:

    i don't understand how such adorable cats are unadoptable!

  21. helen says:

    so beautiful.

  22. maria says:

    What a truly amazing place!!! Best of luck always!!!

  23. Dee says:

    What a wonderful woman with a huge heart you are. The place looks great and all the kitties look healthy & happy. Thank you for having such a beautiful dream, and for making it come true.

  24. kelly says:

    a fabulous place. so many wonderful furbabies!

  25. Andrea says:

    What a wonderful sanctuary for the kitties!!! <3

  26. Sarah says:

    I love it! keep up the amazing work.

  27. notemily says:

    Aw, that's great! I love the ginger cat that was just running around and around. SO MUCH SPACE!

    I love all the pictures of the cats and their distinct personalities. I have a soft spot for tuxes like Cookie and Victoria. I love "the White brothers" and the kitty in the dish drainer, as well :)

  28. Diana says:

    Keep up the great work!

  29. kat says:

    i'm so glad that there is such a place for cats in that area. it looks wonderful! =)

  30. Giane Portal says:

    It's an amazing place, full of life and love!

  31. Esme says:

    What an amazing story and place. All these kitties are so adorable. I hope they all find wonderful homes.

  32. Kathy Lee says:

    Bless you and THANK YOU for all you're doing for these beautiful, precious kitties! I would LOVE to operate a place like this for all the cats that have no place to call home. It would be my dream job since I love cats SO much!! I wish I had the money and space to open up a place like this where I live. Keep up the wonderful work you do for these "babies!"


    Kathy Lee

  33. Marie says:

    God bless you for what you're doing <3

  34. This is just amazing!!OMG, its like a dream. God bless U all for doing such a wonderful job for these cats with unconditional love. :3

  35. Marie says:

    Thank god for people like Siglinda and her helpers…bless your hearts x

  36. Licia says:

    WOW!!! So wonderful to see this place being featured!! And to see the article so appreciated by everyone too, but then again, it is natural, this is indeed a beautiful oasis for all these adorable kitties and one look at them you can see each one of them are loved and well looked after. Thanks Siglinda for creating such an enchanting place, and well done also to each one of volunteers!!

  37. pandadd says:

    what a wonderful place!

  38. Miri says:

    Such a wonderful idea!

  39. Wow! Thank you SO much to Amy and all you other cat lovers. If you are ever in North Carolina, please come visit the refuge (we are open daily to visitors from 12-3:30 pm). The kitties will be happy to see you!

  40. Tammy says:

    Beautiful dream,

    Amazing dedication,

    Labour of Love,

    Truly Inspiring

  41. Linda says:

    What a wonderful place for all of these precious kitties! God Bless this lady for devoting her life to this :) If only the world had more people like her!

  42. Ayla says:

    Thank you for opening such a wonderful place.

  43. Alicia says:

    What a wonderful place!!! Love seeing all the healthy and happy beautiful cats! Truly is an inspiring story!! Keep up the good work!

  44. Charlotte says:

    What a fantastic place!

  45. jill holland says:

    your love and kindness is an inspiration. I want to come and visit your sanctuary…you are not too far from Nova Scotia. I have only 13 cats :) and dream of a fenced in enclosure to kee them safe outside.

  46. Jacki says:

    It brings tears of joy to my eyes to see all those joyous kitties running so happily. It is my dream to be able to have a sanctuary were all the cats are as healthy and safe as the ones you care for.

  47. Deanna says:

    This is truly amazing! I love it!

  48. Karin T. says:

    If I ever got/won money that IS DEFINATELY one thing I would do is start a Sanctuary! But for now I am a happy mommy of 5 kitties

  49. Donna C says:

    Thanks. It warms my heart to see how cared for the sweet kitties are. I hope to see even more of places like this available and maybe one day I can offer such a place like the Goathouse.

  50. Sharmila says:

    wow! what a wonderful place! Siglinda is an amazing person – god bless her.

  51. Minna Marttinen says:

    Makes you want to do the same <3 <3 <3

    Have three rescues in my family now.

    Greetings from us, from Finland!

  52. Dixie Diva says:

    I hugged all my cars after I read about the Goathouse Refuge.

    Bless you for taking such wonderful care of those sweet kitties!!

  53. Karen A. says:

    Awww. I live in NC, and my kittycat came from the Goathouse Refuge! I owe them many thanks for taking such good care of her.

  54. Teri says:

    I was thrilled to see Oscar!! I love that cat.

  55. I have looked at the website many times, and every time I do, I feel uplifted and inspired by the love the kitties and the humans share at the refuge. Thank you, Siglinda and friends!

  56. melanie miller says:

    What a beautiful and wonderful thing these people have created for these amazing, loving creatures. Thank you so much for being cat people and really doing something that makes a difference. thank you thank you!

  57. Tricia Rule says:

    Such a lovely place. God Bless you!

  58. Karol says:

    Bless you!!! Thats what i call true passion, how i would love to the same!

  59. Katy says:

    I am so excited to visit the Goathouse Refuge! It looks absolutely incredible! Keep up the great work Siglinda!

  60. Jillian says:

    This looked like heaven for ME, as well as all the kitties. I would love to be there with them! What an awesome and wonderful idea. I'm glad there are people like Siglinda that make things like this happen. :)

  61. Alex says:

    Now these are my kind of people!

  62. Lisa says:

    Those are all beautiful cats. I wish I could have a bed full of cats, but I just have to make do with 6.

  63. Angela says:

    What an amazing place! Thanks to the people who care for these lovely kitties!

  64. jennifer says:

    what an awesome place..those cats look so happy and so healthy.

  65. Carre says:

    this is amazing. very inspiring story. I go to Rome every year to visit the Torre Argetina cat sanctuary and I had no idea there were cat sanctuaries right here in the US where cats can live happy, healthy lives, thanks to people like Siglinda.

  66. Yew says:

    It's an awesome place built with love! :)

    I wish there's such a place in every corner in the world cuz there are still many helpless cats out there. May all the cats receive the love and affection like those living in Goathouse.

  67. Dee says:

    GBU…what a wonderful thing you do for those little fur babies :)

  68. Shirley Perry says:

    An amazing place! Wonderful to see all these beautiful cats running free! Wish there was something like this in the UK!

  69. Kat says:

    Such impressive lollops by the orange kitty with the floofy tail (in the video) … he is having some GRAND squee!!

  70. Daniela says:

    This would be my dream and desire too!I dream a place where all cats could live free and safe!

    You are wonderful people and these animals will love you for all their lives! Thank you :)

  71. Kairen says:

    Wow, what a great place for those kitties. Our shelter in town lets them live for months in a cage. Wish all cats could have that kind of freedom.

  72. Sandi says:

    I love it. We just have 8 cats. Only 1 from a shelter. He tapped my husband on the shoulder when he back was turned the rest is history. Can I set up a cot there? I'd be in heaven. God Bless

  73. kedra says:

    gorgeous story…

    made my day…

    you are a wonderful person with a beautiful heart

    keep up the great work xxx

  74. andy says:

    wow what a beautiful place for cats! keep up the good work!

  75. Tammy Alenduff says:

    God Bless you!! What a wonderful place!

  76. MK Patterson says:

    So much work, and so much love. One day, I hope that the laws will support all animals being sold for pets to be FIXED.

  77. Charlene says:

    So glad to see there are so many people who love cats like i do.keep up the good work.

  78. Debbie K says:

    What an amazing place you have created! What a blessing to all those cats that would otherwise be lost. We have 8 cats in a 3BR home. They are all indoor to keep them safe. All of them are rescues or babies of rescues as well. We recently lost our 9th cat Kitty Boy. He is really missed! God Bless you for what you do!!

  79. CatLover says:

    a magical place that i will be adding to my donations list!

  80. lori says:

    Awesome that you can help these cats. Super. I've been around cats since birth. I have an understanding with them and a love for cats. I think they are one of God's greatest gifts!

  81. Dagmar says:

    thanks for all your hard work and dedication!! I am so glad you made your dream come true and give cats the chance they deserve!!! all the best to you and your cathaven!!!!! ;o)

  82. Carol says:

    What a wonderful story! I live in NC – do you ever accept visitors?

  83. ROBOT says:

    KITTIES!! Lots and LOTS of Kitties!! I wuv them ALL! I have 4. Can we come live with you? I can help take care of the place and help build add-ons, etc.

  84. beckyl says:

    aww, what a lovely shelter! good luck to all the kitties, may you all be adopted to purrfect homes soon!

  85. Robert G says:

    Mama Mia!

    Top notch service…keep up the great work.

    All happt cat's 24hrs a day i bet.

  86. Blue says:

    What a truly big and beautiful heart you have Siglinda and all of the other people that work, volunteer and help you with your dream come true! I hope all the kitties find forever homes and if they don't, they are very lucky to have you as their angel to take care of them because they were always at their forever home! Goathouse Refuge!

  87. Nicole says:

    Thank you for making this space for homeless kitties. Also thank you for not caging them. I wish a world wide ban to be imposed on all caged animals.

    they all look so happy. :)

  88. Rick says:

    Thats so awesome, i hope someday i can do the same

  89. Arbie1 says:

    Everyone looks so healthy and happy! You are doing such a kindness for these wonderful little souls! We as humans would be so lucky!

  90. Michelle says:

    God Bless you for taking such good care of all these beautiful cats.

  91. Sonja says:

    I long for the day when ALL animal sanctuaries are no-cage no-kill.

  92. Ashley says:

    What a great place for cats! I want to do something similar one day when I have more money. I just want to rescue as many abandoned, homeless cats as I possibly can! They all deserve a loving, safe environment to spend their kitty days.

  93. isybilla says:

    wow! i don't knw how you pull it off but you did a great job :) I have 3 cats at home and adding another kitten to the family but none of my cats are getting along with him.they keep hissing at him.I hope you could give me some advice to ensure a smooth bonding between my cats and my little 8 weeks old kitten.

  94. Sherry says:

    OMG! I love this place. I foster for the shelter in our area and would love to see my kitties as happy as these with open space.These kitties look so happy and well cared for. Thank you for letting me share this wonderful place. Thank you to those who help here as well.

  95. tuba says:

    great idea, wondwerful place, cats seem very happy :)

  96. Linzi says:

    What a wonderful person you are…and what lucky kitties…we have just 2 very much loved adorable cats…wish I could have more…would love to have the chance to follow your dream too..we live in Britain but would love to be able to visit some day…

  97. jmuhj says:

    We've followed you on Facebook for some time now, and loved visiting via! As handmaid to a family of rescued cats and former caregiver at our mini-sanctuary, I really admire your operation and it's my dream to be part of such a place again some day. Much success to you! and may all of your beloved residents live long, happy, healthy, loved lives.

  98. Chantal says:

    Quel magnifique endroit où les chats sont heureux!bravo!

  99. vickie says:

    aww, so many cute kitties. Well done with all your good work

  100. Virginia says:

    I wish I lived closer so I could help. What a beautiful thing you're doing.

  101. Caroline says:


  102. lali says:

    Wowwww…… I wish I have what it takes to do such great job.

    In the name of all cat lovers….Thanks!

  103. Vane says:

    Wonderful place!!!!; it's like the cat realm from Ghibli's movie "neko no ongaeshi" ^o^

    You're an angel to this cats, God bless you =3

  104. floralie says says:

    cats are also photogenic!!!! like me..

    marvelous place and amazing…

  105. bhairavi says:

    these are the most beautiful cats i have ever seen.

    they r the laziest but the cutest one.

    they can anytime bring simile on your face.

    and no doubt its a wonderful place.

  106. Rochelle says:

    I wish I could stay there! It's so wonderful,full of cats and loves!

  107. AnnieVicar says:

    This is absolutely wonderful :)

  108. natalie says:

    Thank God for you, i was reading and watching

    everything you've done and tears came to my eyes cause i'M a cat lover.

    i got 3 but used to have 15 all in good shape

    and loved…they found a great place to stay and 3 stayed with me

    again thank you and God bless you

  109. Anya says:

    I too love that orange fluffy kitty that is sooooo happy to be "free"! God bless indeed!

  110. Irene S. says:

    That's terrific news to hear about caring for cats. Glad u work for God's creatures. It's so amazing to have many cats like I have now. I have 22 kitties in my house. Ssssshhhh, my landlord don't know how many cats I have, hee heee. I am a private rescuer. I love cats. I hope I can afford to buy the large yard for my kitties and more stray kitties, too. My job cuts my salary 3 times each year, UGH. I try to save $$$ for my kitties' dream I want to do the best for my cats. I want to make them happy and make me happy, too.

  111. Mike says:

    Kitty Nirvana!!! =^..^=

    Siglinda & Furiends are teh AWESOME!

  112. Judi says:

    Siglinda is doing what I have always dreamed I could do. Maybe some day before I get too old, I'll be able to start a refuge for cats too. God bless anyone who loves animals.

  113. Danie says:

    This is so amazing!

  114. Susan says:

    How wonderful and beautiful! I wish I could visit. What lovely creatures.

  115. wendy desrochers says:


  116. Lynn says:

    What a beautiful & tranquil place for the many souls you've rescued … sending lots of LoVe, hugs & kisses from the 3 rescues I just adopted last weekend … they've made my house a home <3 god bless you Siglinda for having such a caring heart & creating such a wonderful sanctuary

  117. ozi says:

    All cats are amazing and very beautiful place.

  118. Megan says:

    that is just awesome!!

  119. Pam says:

    These people are wonderful. There should be more of them in the world.

  120. Jean Read says:

    Really a pleased I took a look this is a wonderful place the cats all look so relaxed and happy! This lady is a wonderful person an example to us all bless her.

  121. Gail says:

    God Bless Siglinda Scarpa and Goathouse Refuge! I'm glad that posting comments helps to fund them. The kitties are lucky to have them!

  122. Darla says:

    God bless you for all your doing! I have always loved cats too! I have many that I have took in that nobody wanted. They are all a blessing to my life as I know yours are. You are an amazing person!

  123. Anonymous says:

    How wonderful that your dream came true! I am sure you worked on it and never gave up hope!

    So many of us dream like you!

  124. Ceeb says:

    What a beautiful place. i would love to go and hang out with all the furbabys all day, just petting and giving head rubs

  125. Angelo Dragonette says:

    Great website. Inever met a cat I didn"t love.Thanks

  126. Angela says:

    How beautiful and inspiring. They cats are really gorgeous and happy looking. Thank you for the work you do. The world needs so many more people like you.

  127. Mary says:

    God bless you all for what you are doing helping these beautiful animals. You will have many blessings in heaven.

  128. Julie says:

    What a wonderful place!

  129. Lynn says:

    Great job. Keep up the good work

  130. Sharon says:

    Oh my! ~ I want to go there and live among them.

  131. melinda says:

    they are so cute,i wish that i could have them all.

  132. KellyAnne says:

    Amazing! I want them all, but two is my limit…for now. :)

  133. Anne says:

    It makes me so happy to know that there is a place like this out there for cats and kittens to live where they aren't caged, and are truly loved and cared for. I would be in total Heaven there :) Thank you Siglinda for being such a wonderful person.

  134. paco jimenez says:

    it is my dream land…

  135. Sara says:

    Siglinda, you are an angel on this earth for doing what you do. The cats look so happy! I wish you much continued success.

  136. charlene says:

    this is remarkable! we have lived on a 10 acre parcel that people dump animals at so in 10 years we have helped over 50 cats. i would like to be as organized as your place. i have trouble with the feral cats with feeding and fighting. how do you handle these issues?

  137. Nicole says:

    I want to do what she did. That is my dream.

  138. Lou says:

    This is heaven! I wish I worked for them!

  139. mary says:

    god bless you…

  140. Laurie says:

    Beautiful cats and you are a beautiful person.

  141. Gris says:

    This place is paradise!

  142. Monica says:

    Wonderful people, wonderful cats.


  143. Anne says:

    Have just discovered this wonderful sanctuary, thanks to Love Meow. I would love to find this place, have to find out where Pittsboro is in N.C. I must go there if possible. I live in Kentucky, am familiar with the Cherokee, N.C area, but don't know Pittsboro. Can anyone tell me what part of N.C. it is in? I am so amazed when people are able to do this, I only wish I could also. There is one in Florida that has over 500 cats that roam freely, have beautiful little houses and all the comforts of home. Florida is a little too far away for me, but I may be able to make N.C. God bless you and keep up this wonderful work. We need to find some organizations that will help you. Too bad you don't get funded for every WORD in each comment instead of just each comment-ha. I am just thankful to Love Meow for choosing you and I LOVE this site. Thanks for all you do. Sorry for such a lengthy comment.

  144. Kris says:

    Awwww this is so sweet. I love the video with the ginger running around with it's tail all puffed. My baby girl does that when she gets excited too.

  145. ran says:

    Thank you thank you thank you

    Truly a wonderful place

    Eager hearts to him

    How gratifying this image

    I wish you every success

  146. Mericat says:

    How CUTE!!!! I LOVE MEOW!!! >'.'< :3 i so so want to have a santuary one day!!!I love kitties!!!

  147. Charlotte says:

    A Dream Come True~~Would Love to do the Same…

    Blessings to You for ALL You Do…

  148. Jill says:

    I have often thought of doing this sort of thing. One day when I have property, I really hope I can help lots of kitties!

  149. Marsha says:

    What a wonderful place!!!!! I only wish I could do the same – I have always said that if I won the lottery, there would be a whole lotta lucky kitty babies in SW FL… we have one shelter in my town that is a no-kill, and they keep the cats (and dogs) till someone adopts them…. but they are kept in cages, what a wonderful concept for them to be able to live outside a cage!!!!!! God bless you people and all that you are doing for those wonderful babies!!!!!

  150. farahnaz says:


    very nice this life, so adorable,

    t realy want to be there.

  151. Kathy Ivie says:

    The pictures do not do this awesome place justice. Went to Open House last year..and it was so great and oh so beautiful. Thanks Siglinda for that you do! These kitties are really even more beautiful in person and it is great to talk to the volunteers and to hear some of the stories on how they came to have the kitties.

  152. Wolfie says:

    OH wow!! What a wonderful place!! I hope to visit one day. ♥

  153. corina says:

    Love your sanctuary keep up the good work.

  154. Katie says:

    So amazing!

  155. Alina says:

    Thank you for making a difference ! These cats are so happy in your care.

  156. MadGastronomer says:

    OK, that’s an absolutely beautiful idea, but . . . regardless of disposition? What’s done about cats that bully other cats? I have to go to great lengths to protect my little calico because our other cats pick on her. With so many, how can such measures be taken?

  157. MadGastronomer says:

    And how on earth do they protect that many cats from fleas and ticks, if they’re all allowed outside?

  158. Sarah says:

    What a fabulous place! You folks are amazing.

  159. Nashira says:

    What an awesome place!

  160. If I weren’t overfull of rescued cats of my own, I would be on my way to you right now to pick out a bouquet of fur folks! You have my dream right there, and I am so envious–keep up the good work!

  161. Kit Russell says:

    Aww, what a wonderful place!

  162. cat says:

    thank you to those with kind hearts… this is such a wonderful idea

  163. Jae Hye says:

    Siglinda and all helpers….you are beautiful humans with big hearts, may you be richly rewarded for your love and compassion given to the animals. If only I had the resources to do such (currently feeding nine homeless cats twice a day now that my three beloved dogs have crossed the rainbow bridge).

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