The One Eye Wonder Ginger Cat

cute one eye ginger tabby cat

Ingot being cute

Ingot (or Yuan Bao) was a rescue cat found by a local shelter in Hong Kong. He was brought in with a problem eye and they had to have it removed in order to save the little one. However, the change never stopped him from being the most positive and loving kitty his new mom has ever seen.

Ingot stayed in the shelter for quite a while, but was unable to find a home until Tracy who adopted 9 cats prior to Ingot met the ginger one eye wonder. Ingot immediately stole her heart with his affection and infectious purrsonality. Soon after that Ingot joined her big furry family and was greeted by many other rescue cats.

Ingot is such a sweet heart that you can’t help but to love him, not to pity him. He has such a character that you know he is going to be all right.

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

cute one eye tabby and black and white cat on chair

Ingot and Wasabi on the look out

cute one eye tabby cat playful


cute one eye ginger cat big yawn in the box

Big yawn!

cute rescue one eye ginger cat

Beautiful one eye wonder

cute one eye ginger cat yawning

Opera cat :)

cute one eye ginger cat standing

Ingot standing like a little person :)

cute ginger cat kisses kitty friend love


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50 Responses to “The One Eye Wonder Ginger Cat”

  1. Yew says:

    He's very lovely!

    He looks like he's doing a chicky one-eyed wink in every expression. Cute ;P

  2. Kacee says:

    Aw, he's a cutie! So glad someone took him in and cared for him and that Tracy and he found each other. Also that he is surrounded by other kitties/siblings and having a good time. <3

  3. MaryLou Rupp says:

    Ginger cats are ALWAYS wonder cats! This one is for sure a keeper.

  4. Drbones says:

    He is a beautiful boy- you are very blessed to have such a lovey

  5. Dawn and Boo says:

    Ingot you should meet my one eyed wonder Boo. Shes a beautiful 15 month old black long hair. shes very tiny, not even 5 lbs, but very happy and doesn't let her "disability" stop her either!

  6. Michelle says:

    He is such a little darling!!

  7. Hilary says:

    He is so cute! What a beauty :) I love the kiss pic!

  8. Jane says:

    Such a beau! :)

  9. Beverly says:

    What a gorgeous little guy! The gingers are truly remarkable kitties! SO glad he was rescued and that he found a loving home with Tracy and all his other purr-buddies!!! :)

  10. Dorothy says:


  11. Marilyn says:

    What a sweet little guy. Bless Tracy for adopting and caring for so many sweet little cats.

  12. Jess says:

    awwwwww orange beauty!!!

  13. gizmo says:

    what a handsome little guy!

  14. Momo says:

    Ingot is such a sweetie. Kudos to kind-hearted Tracy for providing a loving home to so many kitties.

  15. Cherie says:

    What a doll.. Ingot melted my heart :)

  16. Hels says:

    Love the pic of the two kissing :D

  17. Gay says:

    what a loving story….thanks for sharing!

  18. Ruth says:

    What a precious baby!

  19. Renee says:

    Absolutely precious. Thank you for sharing. Thank goodness for people like Tracy.

  20. sharon says:

    He is so Beautiful.

  21. Brenda says:

    Awe sweetheart, what a beautiful cat !!

  22. what a lovely boy he is. he has such a beautiful face. he is a darling. bless you for taking him. :)

  23. angelmaker says:

    He looks like he full of energy, we have a one eyed cat too and nothing stops him either.

  24. KellyAnne says:

    Awwwwwww. Sweet pirate cat!

  25. christellar says:

    i luv him so much!

  26. Dee says:

    She is cute!! It look like she is winking at you;)

  27. Linda says:

    Ni hao, Ingot! You are a cutie!

  28. Kat says:

    Our 1 year old, barn cat, just lost his eye in a fight with who knows what kind of varmint. Do you think, after recovery, he'll be able to make it as an outside kitty again?

  29. masha says:

    awww the last kissing picture is just something!

  30. sharz says:

    lovely cat!!!

    love the kissing picture..sooo sweet!!


  31. Katie says:

    Oh what a beauty! Thanks for sharing!

  32. DD says:

    he's so beautiful

  33. Jess says:

    What an inspiring and sweet story! Tracy is a wonderful person and Ingot is such a sweet little guy!

  34. cate says:

    So glad that someone took such good care of Ingot and what a brave little fellow with such character! Thanks for sharing, love the pics!

  35. sharon says:

    we have a one eyed black cat.and there is another and he lost his left eye and can make out shadows and thats about it. but they both are loved just like are normal cats they had a eye infection, it was contracted from the mother. but she has had another litter and none of them has had it i wonder if maybe the tom that might have had the eye promble. but you have just as much fun with the blind one as with a cat with both eyes. some people ask us don't that kind of bother you. and i tell them no and they do not feel the same way. i think it is just great that you feel the same way. god bless you for that. sharon

  36. Kim says:

    I want him!!! What a tribute to never give up no matter what!!! Truely inspirational!!!

  37. Cathie says:

    What a great little cat. So cute.

  38. Sheridan says:

    Happy stories are always a welcome relief.

  39. Merryla says:

    i love you all who have a heart to do good+save the children of Mother-Earth…

  40. Danie says:

    What a cute kitty!

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