cute one eye ginger tabby cat
Ingot being cute

Ingot (or Yuan Bao) was a rescue cat found by a local shelter in Hong Kong. He was brought in with a problem eye and they had to have it removed in order to save the little one. However, the change never stopped him from being the most positive and loving kitty his new mom has ever seen.

Ingot stayed in the shelter for quite a while, but was unable to find a home until Tracy who adopted 9 cats prior to Ingot met the ginger one eye wonder. Ingot immediately stole her heart with his affection and infectious purrsonality. Soon after that Ingot joined her big furry family and was greeted by many other rescue cats.

Ingot is such a sweet heart that you can’t help but to love him, not to pity him. He has such a character that you know he is going to be all right.

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

cute one eye tabby and black and white cat on chair
Ingot and Wasabi on the look out
cute one eye tabby cat playful
cute one eye ginger cat big yawn in the box
Big yawn!
cute rescue one eye ginger cat
Beautiful one eye wonder
cute one eye ginger cat yawning
Opera cat :)
cute one eye ginger cat standing
Ingot standing like a little person :)
cute ginger cat kisses kitty friend love