cute ginger foster kitten gives happy the cat a kiss
Little foster gives his new friend a kiss
cute rescued foster ginger baby kittens
The three fuzzy fosters all tuckered out

Three beautiful ginger babies were brought to the shelter. Within a few hours, they arrived in their foster home where they were greeted by not just one, but many cat residents who started taking care of them in rotation. The kittens were around 20 days old, still bottle babies.

Within a month, they started eating solid food. The older cats taught the little ones how to socialize, groom and hunt (toys or each other).

Though they are all orange babies, two of them are girls and the boy is bigger than both of his sisters according to Tracy. The three musketeers ran around the house, wreaking havoc. Wherever they were, the older cats followed. They were wonderful helpers and sweet and loving foster parents.

All three little “lions” have been adopted and they are turning three years old this year :).

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

cute rescued foster ginger kittens in a box
The kitties took over the box in 2 seconds
cute rescued foster ginger kitten in crate
Checking out the house from the crate
cute rescued foster ginger kitten in crate
Curious little one
cute rescue foster ginger kitten bottle feed
His ears were wiggling while he was eating :)
cat taking care of rescue foster ginger kittens
Happy the cat came to give the kitties a bath. He is such a good foster father
cute rescue foster ginger kitten followed by cat
Big B another cat resident is tagging along with the kittens
cat touches rescue foster ginger kitten's face
Doll a cat resident is giving the little foster some TLC
cute ginger rescued foster kittens
When they were less than a month old...
cute rescue ginger foster kittens
...6 months later :)