cute foster kittens snuggle cuddle in nap
Einstein and Tigger
cute foster ginger kitten tigger

Tigger and Einstein are only 5 weeks old from the Annex Cat Rescue. They are fostered by Alexandra Guerson and her family in Toronto, Canada. The two little kittens are keeping their foster family’s hands full. Sometimes big purrsonalities come from small packages. These little fuzzballs surely know how to play and have a good time.

Don’t you think they are meant to be together forever? (Update: Tigger and Casper have been adopted together!)

Photos courtesy of Alexandra Guerson (More pictures of Tigger and Einstein).

cute foster white kitten sleepy time
cute foster ginger kitten sleepy time
cute ginger foster kitten peekaboo in box
Tigger plays hide and seek
cute foster white kitten peekaboo kitty
cute foster kittens snuggle cuddle sleeping