Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary

cute blind cat tess from blind cat rescue

"Tess & her brother Paul came from a hoarder situation in Washington DC. When she first arrived she was sick and blind. Now she is healthy sassy little girl. She loves to run and play and thinks your legs are meant for climbing." - BCR

Our third commentathon fundraising has ended. With your support, we have received around 5,100 comments since Oct (I put together an amount of $255 in the fund). Thank you so much for your support. Many of you have nominated shelters to receive this fund and to be featured on Love Meow. They all deserve to be recognized. One of them got the most nominations of all. We would like to introduce to you a very special rescue group: Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary.

Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary began in 2005 in a mission to provide refuge to blind cats who were determined unfit for adoption and had once been scheduled for euthanasia. It is a cage-free, no-kill facility where all the feline residents are given a lifetime of love and care.

cute blind cat Maggie from blind cat rescue

"Maggie had a very hard time adjusting when she got here. She does not like other cats, does not like dogs, would swat first and ask questions later. Who could blame her, in 1 year she lost her lifetime home, got stuck in a shelter, lost her sight, and lost her second home and now had to adjust to a third home. She is doing much better, she loves to be pet and is quite the talker." - BCR

There are currently 45 cat residents on site. “Rescue isn’t glamorous… it is about restoring hope and dignity to creatures for whom no one else cares about. We are but humble vessels to help these magnificent creatures find their forever homes. The responsibility is big but the returns on our emotional investment are greater.”

Blind Cat Rescue accepts any cat that is certified by a vet as a blind cat. “Cats with 20% or less sight are accepted as blind.”

There are always questions about how blind cats adapt to living in a home and how they tell where they are. Blind Cat Rescue has some tips for all of us.

“Blind cats are cats that just happen to not be able to see. They have no idea they are blind, they know they are cats, they act like cats. Blind cats can do pretty much everything that a seeing cat can do. Cora, who sees nothing, climbs to the top of a 7 foot climber… she got there all by herself, and she will come down the same way she went up. One of the only things I have found that stops a blind cat is a gate, fence or wall. Because they canot not see the other side of a gate, they have no concept that they can get to the other side. Blind cats can climb trees (they tend to back down feet first to get down), climb on cabinets, etc.”

“If you pick up your blind cat and move him/her from point A to point B, try to put your cat down where they have a good idea of where they are. Example, at their litter box, their food, or where the floors have different textures. My daycare playroom and dinning room went from carpet to tile, if I wanted Louie to leave the playroom, I would put him so front feet were on the tile and back were still on the carpet… now he knew where he was.”

They are going to build a new building to house HIV & FEL+ cats. You can help through their website here.

Here are some of the cat residents at Blind Cat Rescue. They all have come a long way since the day they were rescued.

cute blind cat snicker from blind cat rescue

"Little Snicker came to us from the pound. He was very lucky to have some nice ladies working there that liked his friendly personality and went the extra mile to find a place for him instead of euthanizing him. He is super super friendly." - BCR

cute blind cat sugar from blind cat rescue

"Sugar is the cutest little girl and her name fits, she is so cute you just want to eat her up. We are very excited to announce that Sugar has been adopted! A wonderful lady visited the shelter and it was love for both of them. Sugar is going to be so much happier, (she was frightened of the other cats) She will not have other animals to deal with and is going to get spoiled rotten." - BCR

cute blind cat chester from blind cat rescue

"Little Chester was found as a stray by some people who could not afford to keep him or take care of him. They were told by the local animal control center that he would be euthanized because he was sick and blind. They needed a no-kill shelter that specialized in blind cats and found us. They begged us to take him. Chester is a super super friendly fellow who loves to be in your lap, rubs against you and just wants to be with you." - BCR

cute blind cat yoshi from big cat rescue

"Yoshi was a little stray living outside and being taken care of by an elderly man. He had to go to hospice care, so his caretaker started trying to find a home for him. Not only did she drive 3 hours to bring him to us, but she paid to have him fixed, shots and combo tested." - BCR

cute blind cat Abigail from blind cat rescue

"Abigail was rescued by a wonderful group in Pennsylvania when a woman had 63 cats seized by animal control for neglect. They contacted us to see if we could take the blind ones and we said ok. 2 wonderful voluteers put them in the car and drove 8 hours to bring them to us." - BCR

cute blind cat Greta from blind cat rescue
cute cat Molly from blind cat rescue

"Molly, (named for Good Golly Miss Molly, because she never stops talking) was dropped off at a vets office in a near by town. They contacted our rescue and asked if we would take her and they vetted her out for us. She is a very friendly little girl who loves to be in your lap and kneeds and purrs like crazy." - BCR

cute blind cat camille from blind cat rescue

"Camille was found in a box outside the gate of the local shelter. They asked us if we could take her. She is a very friendly girl. She has lots of friends and you will find them snuggling together." - BCR

cute blind cat teddi from blind cat rescue

Teddi is now safe with us. She is a tiny little thing. She is sweet but understandably very skittish (due to her traumatic past). Our vet feels like she is probably around 8 years old but she is the size of a 6 month old. I sure wish she could tell us her story!

cute blind cat oreo from blind cat rescue

"Oreo was rescued by a wonderful group in Pennsylvania when a woman had 63 cats seized by animal control for neglect. He adjusted well from his ordeal. He is a wonderful loving little fellow and is always the first to be wrapped around your legs or in your lap. You can hear him purring from across the room." - BCR

cute blind cat coconut from blind cat rescue

"Coconut is both blind and deaf. Although his world is a dark and silent world, he is a very loving fellow. He is a very handsome cat with one blue eye and one green eye. Coconut was rescued by the director of a Humane Society in Virginia. She adopted him into her family. Fast forward a few years, she is now getting divorced and must give up her house. The apartments she is moving into only allows 2 cats and her other two are very old that she has had for many years. She contacted the HS that she got him from (she no longer works there) and they said they would accept him back. She did not feel safe taking him is kitten season and he would spend the rest of his life in a cage or worse. She asked us if we would please accept him. He is a sweet fellow that gets along with everyone." - BCR

Greta Prances with pink ball:


Lilly & Nicky are full of life having a lot of fun playing just like their seeing counterparts. Neither of them have eyes.


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73 Responses to “Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary”

  1. Brian says:

    I just love Blind Cat Rescue and the wonderful, wonderful things they do. Bravo and mega purrs to them!!!

  2. Fink says:

    Thanks! Your´re great!

  3. Jamie A. says:

    I am SO touched by this story! I'm sitting here with tears of joy. God bless these people and all people who help our feline companions live full, loving, healthy lives! <3

  4. Caroline says:

    What a wonderful shelter and wonderful people who support and maintain it!

    Sorry if this is an ignorant question, but do the majority of these cats have eyes? I've heard of blue-eued/white fur cats being blind/deaf, but these kitties looks like their eyelids have been sewn shut…?

    • Tammy says:

      I noticed no one had answered your question. The kitties that have their eyes sewn shut, no longer have their. They have had to have them removed, and then to prevent the sockets from drying out, sewn shut. I found a little one that only had one eye when she was found. The surgery is very expensive (even with her eye already missing) and my vet told me that as long as the socket area doesn't start to dry out, and we (the humans) could deal with it, she would be fine. That was 5 years ago!

  5. anna says:

    you see it and you believie in human beings again :)

  6. damselfly58 says:

    what a wonderful place. it restores your faith that there is a lot of goodness out there. i feel very tearful at the love these people show to these darlings. bless you all for your love and kindness. you are very special.

  7. Kacee says:

    Wow, what a wonderful place and mission! thank you for posting that. Will have to check their web site and see more about them. The stories and pics of the kitties are lovely!

  8. anna says:

    you see it and you believe in human beings again :)

  9. MaryLou Rupp says:

    Again today, you make me happy that there are so many caring and loving people out there who have such a heart of compassion for our furry friends. Thank you Love Meow for your dedication to enlightening us all.

  10. Tia says:

    It's so wonderful that they are taking in those kitties and helping them find homes! Thank you for posting about them!

  11. Marsha says:

    wonderful, just wonderful!!!! That is SO great that those babies have a place to live and can look forward to living a long, happy life!!!

  12. Marilyn says:

    All so adorable. I'm so glad they've all been rescued!

  13. Gaby says:

    These are great stories and here's another one that everyone should read:

  14. Dorothy says:

    This is MOST touching!!!

  15. umi-e says:

    Thank you for looking after the cats :)

    Can't stop my tears when I read the story of the cats :(

    *May God bless you all

  16. Beverly says:

    They are all such precious babies! God Bless you all for making a place for them, taking them in, caring for them and loving them. They deserve love just as all kitty babies do, if not more. You all do indeed restore faith in humanity. You are wonderful people with a wonderful place for these darlings!

  17. annette says:

    i have 7 cats that i have rescued,i wish i could adopted some of these cats,but 7 is enough for now…..

  18. Giane Portal says:

    It's an amazing work! It brought tears to my eyes…

  19. Vera Nathália says:

    It makes us believe in human being again.

  20. Rosarinho says:

    Always lovely cats and lovely persons who give them allthe love they need.God Bless them

  21. Preeti says:

    May GOD bless u all for doing things for the

    unfortunate ones .This is truest form 'the

    selfless service'! I also thank Love Meow News

    Letter for sensitizing people to this noble


  22. Isabelle says:

    wow, hard to beleive they can live ''normally'', they act like they are seeing the ball!!

  23. Sheridan says:

    Blind cat rescue is a group I had never heard of. What a wonderful group they are!

  24. Dee says:

    They are very special and they as give no matter what. I had a kitty that was blind from the wrong treatment that he received from some one else. He was awesome and we miss him very much. We Love you Lucky.

  25. vickie merritt says:

    How wonderful that there are still people who have such warm loving hearts to help these cats. God bless you all !!!!

  26. Ann says:

    Bless the people who opened up their hearts for these precious kitties!

  27. beckyl says:

    love it, how awesome of you

  28. Kristoffer says:

    Thank you for this post! Such beautiful cats and glad to know about this rescue group.

  29. Liza says:

    I just want to agree with most of the previous comments that have been made.

  30. us4 cats says:

    this just melts my heart. it makes me proud of the human race again. that there ARE organizations that care. the cats are just gorgeous! this fills me with such respect for these babies and such pride in all animals friends.

  31. Maria says:

    Blind cats are truly amazing, because of their whiskers, they can basically see!

  32. serkan says:

    God bless you all friends… you really deserve heaven

  33. Kaytee says:

    What a wonderful place! It's amazing how those kitties can play just as though they can see. They must make great use of their ears and noses.

    Thanks LoveMeow for making a donation.

  34. What lovely cats and what fun they have playing with each other – we are so pleased they can run about safely. Thank you for making this possible.

  35. KellyAnne says:

    These people are doing such caring work…it makes me think about taking on a blind cat of my own someday.

    Heartfelt thanks to the people at Blind Cat Rescue from me and my cat family!

  36. We think Blind Cat Rescue is awesome. I really appreciate their efforts to help some of the most precious kitties around!

  37. Parihan says:

    OMG the toxido kitty orio oh he reminds me of my kitty she was blind fimale kitty i rescued from the streets with her baby kitten waw he looks the same i missed her she lived with me 9 happy years and then she died from cancer.

    God bless all those poor innocent souls i love them all.

  38. Silvia Duran says:

    Thank you for caring… If we could all LOVE the way you do, there would be no more wars.

    I can not think of life without cats.. I always had them with me, when I am sick, when I am sad and now that I am getting old, their loving is greater than ever before!

    They dont seem to see my wrinkles… or if I am not in fashion anymore.

    Of course They are always BEAUTIFUL… to the end.

    Love and Light


  39. judy pennell says:

    Anyone who rescues cats is wonderful, but to hear of a blind cat rescue group is absolutely thrilling.

  40. Danie says:

    This is so admirable and inspiring! It makes me smile.

  41. pumbie says:

    How beautiful furry balls in spite of all their problems. ¡Qué dulces!.

  42. AlexC says:

    Amazing organization! I hope to come up to NC one day to see all of the great cats.

  43. Demitria says:

    Knowing there are people in the world that care about those so many turn away from reaffirms my faith in humanity!!!!


  44. Linda says:

    It's wonderful that there is a place for these special furguys and that our comments can help a little bit. Wish 1000 comments were posted every day!

  45. sea says:

    Thank you for your amazing job!!

  46. E. Salazar says:

    Another way to help Blind Cat Rescue?

    Use as a search engine and choose "Blind Cat Rescue" as the organisation your Web searches will benefit.

    And no, it´s not an ad, it´s another useful way we should know about.

  47. Mary H. says:

    It brings tears to my eyes that these beautiful little ones are blind but look so happy. Thank God for your shelter. Thank you for such an outstanding job in saving the beautiful kitties.

  48. buthie says:

    thank you so much for take care of amazing.

  49. Sandria Farley says:

    I sit here crying because I CARE SO MUCH FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING. I'm an old lady but I love cats so much, have three of my own. I've had three strokes and they bring me so much comfort and cheer when I get down and out, they make my life.

    If I had the money I would donate to your cause. It is surely one of the finest around. Thanks so much for all you do for these special needs kitties.

  50. Marilia says:

    I´m very happy with this cats, because they´re find love, and security!

  51. Idal Gotay says:

    Thank you so much for taking care of these amazing cats. They are very lucky to have such a loving group of people who really care about them. Your shelter is amazing!

  52. jennifer says:

    Blind Cat Rescue!!!! My new group of heroes I admire and look up to!!!

  53. azmiy says:

    May God Bless You All..

  54. Denise says:

    thank you for all you do, it's wonderful to know that there are people like you who make the lives of these poor kittys finally happy.

  55. beckyl says:

    i love to revisit this post. i never tire of how amazing this shelter is and how proud i am of these people 😛

  56. beckyl says:

    it's my third visit to this article because it's just the best, most loving story i've read in a while. i just wish there were more places like this…

  57. Dee says:

    God Bless all of you who caring for those little kitty with disability! Thank you for sharing!

    Love of love from Cantik, Miami, Mocha!

  58. lisa says:

    great place for the cats!!!!!!

  59. didie_nabz says:

    this is heartbreaking… blind and deaf… if only i have my own house…im just wanna have that cat… you guys really a blessed people…. keep up….

    this shelter is on my wish list…

  60. Marsha says:

    I am so grateful that all my babies are healthy, but I would not hesitate even one minute to take in one of these special sweethearts – I am so glad that they have people that care about them, and the people that adopt them, love them, and give them a forever home!!!!!

  61. munie says:

    i almost cry seeing these cute creatures. they don't give up on living but a lot of people does. applause for these cats and the kind people who give them place full of comfort and happiness. :)

  62. carol says:

    I am so touched by your rescue organization. I too have a special place for cats that need homes. I have ferrals in my yard that I feed and house and two have made their way in my house due to a very cold and snowy winter!! the others will not come near us. but I do feed and water daily.

  63. GV2FOX says:

    Is this the comment place that will donate to the kitties? I LOVE cats – ALL kinds. Everything! I would adopt a blind fur baby! <3

  64. Farzana says:

    I think this is a wonderful effort taken by u guys. It is awesome to know that there are people out there who really care. Animals are the most fantastic creation of God. They love you selflessly and are there for you no matter what and to be able to help them and make their lives better is the best thing we cud do.I love you guys for what you are doing.

    You ROCK!!!!

  65. Miranda Lester says:

    Blind Cat Rescue does such remarkable work; rescuing blind cats that no one else wants in a no-kill shelter that provides a safe, fun and stimulating environment for these kitties until they can find homes. God Bless them!

    I adopted a sickly feral kitten no one wanted; turned out he was diabetic and had lost most of his sight until he was diagnosed and we could stabilize his sugar. One of the best kitties ever! I simply need to ensure that he re-oriented himself anytime I moved furniture around or added new furniture.

  66. Kathi says:

    Hooray for you guys, tho I'm finding this months later. I rescued our blind Jack when he was a tiny white and black kitten on a dairy on the Oregon coast. Now he's five and the king of the block. He's harness trained and has a large pen beyond the garden where he can romp. We swear he has ESP, and his favorite thing is to fetch Netflix wrappers!

  67. Stephanie says:

    It is really amazing and comforting to know that there are rescue gropus and people out there who care like this. I am adopting a blind and deaf cat from the animal shelter I work at and I can tell you that the ones with these "obsticales" are always the sweetest, most loving ones!

  68. Tracy says:

    Now you make me want to adopt a blind cat.. They are beautiful creature!!! i love CATS!

  69. KITTIE says:

    I sure wish I could adopt one of those babies. They are all so precious and adorable.

  70. Elaine says:

    You have a wonderful organization. Thank God for organizations such as yours. These disabled cats more than deserve your love and attention.

  71. KAT says:

    I’m literally in tears. God bless those with kind hearts to take care of these blind cats. Anyone who rescue animals are truly angels and they deserve to be rewarded. this is just incredibly amazing.

  72. Rinna Ruiz says:

    I have just learned of this awesome organization and I immediately donated $ for their great work there. May God Bless all these beautiful kitties and their wonderful caretakers. This world is a better place because of places like this and these great people. Thank you!

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