About Love Meow:

LoveMeow.com is cat blog dedicated to spread the meowsage of love for all our furry friends. We often help local shelters and rescue groups get their word out and encourage more hoomans to consider adoption. Giving a little kitty a second chance at life is incredibly rewarding.

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Our Staff:

Jackie (The Boss):

Jackie is a little person trapped in a cat’s body. He gives us the final approval on each post.

He loves nothing more than getting attention and love from his humans.

Jackie has a snooze button on his belly. When you pet him, he’d lay down on his back and present you his cute belly, waiting for your massage. Asides from belly rubs, Jackie is particularly fond of underarm rubs.

Jackie was adopted along with his unrelated brother Shadow who is his best friend for life.

Click here to check out his story.

DOB: March 6, 2007

Website: Follow them on Instagram

Hobbies: grabbing people as they walk by, watching birds and trees by the window, getting tummy rubs, lap time, and many more.


Flip (The Gentleman):

Flip is a shy boy who has such a gentle heart. He doesn’t like to be noticed, but is always there by your side, so you are never alone. When he needs something, he will come to you and gently tap your arm with his paw.

He has a beautiful fluffy tail that always sticks up when people are around. He runs fast and is very accurate in catching his targets.

When he looks at you and asks you for attention with his tiny little voice (sometimes silent meows), your heart just melts.

Flip was adopted from a local shelter when he was 1 year old.

DOB: May 21, 2008

Website: Follow them on Instagram

Hobbies: playing fetch, playing feather wand, chasing brother Shadow, watching birds and trees by the window, watching mommy do things, stretching, and many more.


Shadow (The Lover):

Shadow has the sweetest temperament of all. When you call his name, he will run to you and greet you with headbumps and kisses. He’d get along well with anyone in the house, young or old, humans or furry kind.

He is a little puppy at heart. Shadow loves to be petted. When you stroke his back, his tail curls into a circle – we call it the circle of love. He loves his kitty friends and often bathes them and snuggles up with them. This little heart is full of love.

Shadow was adopted along with his unrelated brother Jackie from a local shelter. The two are inseparable.

DOB: September 12, 2007

Website: Follow them on Instagram

Hobbies: playing laser pointer, feather wand, chasing brother Flip, watching birds and trees by the window, and many more.

grey rescued tabby kitten

Lucy (The Mischief Maker):

Lucy is the mischief maker in the gang. She is the only girl, but boy! is she the most playful kitty we have seen. All her brothers can’t rein in her endless amount of energy. She’d go after any small things that move. If you have a milk bottle ring, don’t throw it away because it’d be her favorite toy, better than anything you can find at the store.

Lucy is a little baby who will sleep on her humans every night and jump on their chest in the morning to wake them up.

Her curiosity is boundless. She is the princess in the house!

Lucy was adopted when she was 3 months old. Click here to check out her story.

DOB: April 23, 2010

Website: Follow them on Instagram

Hobbies: playing laser pointer, feather wand, chasing brothers, watching birds and trees by the window, and many more.


Amy & Jackie

Amy (The Servant):

Amy is owned by four very happy cats.

“Cats are my soulmates. The first time I met a cat, I was at the age of 3. I fell in love with my neighbor’s lovely kitty and decided I would give him a little gift. I drew a fish on a small drawing board with elaborate scales and fins. He sniffed around as if he was inspecting it. It was that time I realized that I would always have cats in my life.

Hope you enjoy your stay here. Meows and purrs to you!” – Amy